James Klemaszewski

Associate Professor     
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Grand Canyon University
Instructor, Adjunct     
Department of Physical Science
Glendale Community College

Short Biography

 Jim Klemaszewski has been teaching at the undergraduate level since 1992, and has been involved in planetary research since 1996. Although his current teaching includes geology, astronomy, and methods of integrating science and faith, Jim's training and previous teaching experience includes the life sciences (e.g., general biology, microbiology) as well. Current research is focused on better understanding the geologic processes which have shaped Jupiter's icy moons, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede. Jim is also involved in education/public outreach through NASA's Galileo mission. Full Biography

Current Research Topics and Education/Outreach

Current Research: Callisto's surface evolution, Formation of Mottled Terrain on Europa, Geologic mapping of Europa, Geologic mapping of Callisto, Correlation of Galileo Solid State Imaging (SSI) and Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (NIMS) data.

Education/Outreach: NASA Galileo Project Educator Workshops, educator Slide sets, K-12 education exercises and modules, ASU Service Learning Program, mentoring, public talks, web chats, invited lectures. Education/Outreach

Recent Publications


2005, The Christian Mind in the World Today: A Worldview Critique from a Biblical Perspective, J.M Boville and J.E. Klemaszewski, Scholargy Press, 103 pp.


2005, Production and Distribution of Dark Material on Callisto, J.E. Klemaszewski and R. Greeley (in preparation).


2004, Callisto, in Jupiter, the Planet, Satellites and Magnetosphere, F. Bagenal et al, eds., Cambridge University Press, 748 pp.


2004, Sharing the Skies: Native American and Western Cosmology, N. Maryboy, D. Begay and J.E. Klemaszewski, Boulder: World Hope Foundation, 96 pages.


2002, Correlations of CO2 and Geology on Callisto, J. Geophys Res. Planets (in revision), C.A. Hibbitts, J.E. Klemaszewski, T.B. McCord, R. Greeley.


2001, Ancient drainage basin of the Tharsis region, Mars: Potential source for outflow channel systems and putative oceans or paleolakes, J. Geophys. Res. 106, 32,943-32,955, J.M. Dohm, J.C. Ferris, V.R. Baker, R.C. Anderson, T.M. Hare, R.G. Strom, N.G. Barlow, K.L. Tanaka, J.E. Klemaszewski, D.H. Scott.


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2001, Geology of Lofn Crater, Callisto, J. Geophys. Res. Planets, 106, 3261-3273, R. Greeley, S. Heiner and J.E. Klemaszewski.


2000, Galileo Views of the Geology of Callisto, Planetary and Space Science 48, 829-853, R. Greeley, J.E. Klemaszewski, R. Wagner and the Galileo Imaging Team.


2000, Geologic mapping of Europa, J. Geophys. Res. Planets 105, 22559-22,578, R. Greeley, P.H. Figueredo, D.A. Williams, F.C. Chuang, J.E. Klemaszewski, S.D. Kadel, L.M. Prockter, R.T. Pappalardo, J.W. Head III, G. C. Collins, N.A. Spaun, R.J. Sullivan, J.M. Moore, D.A. Senske, B.R. Tufts, T.V. Johnson, M.J.S. Belton and K.L. Tanaka.


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2000, Callisto, G. Schubert and J.E. Klemaszewski, in Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics, P. Murdin et al, eds., Institute of Physics Publishing (Nature Publishing Group), 2500 pp in 4 volumes.


2000, Ganymede, G. Schubert and J.E. Klemaszewski, in Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics, P. Murdin et al, eds., Institute of Physics Publishing (Nature Publishing Group), 2500 pp in 4 volumes.

Full Bibliography

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