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Jim Klemaszewski has been involved in science and science education since 1992. Current research is focused on gaining an understanding of planetary surface processes and the geological histories of Jupiter's icy Galilean satellites. The approach involves a combination of spacecraft data analysis, comparison of analogous geological features observed on Earth and other planets, and mathematical modeling. He has presented his results at national and international science conferences in the United States and Europe.

 Upon receiving his B.A. in 1992, Klemaszewski began teaching at the undergraduate level science and mathematics courses at Southwestern College. At the same time he began working on his Masters degree at Arizona State University while owning and operating a small business. After completing his Masters degree in 1996, he was hired by Grand Canyon University where he has taught General Biology, Geology, Astronomy, and Geography courses.

 Also in 1996, Klemaszewski began working on his Ph.D. with Dr. Ronald Greeley at Arizona State University, and became involved in NASA's Galileo Mission to Jupiter. Beginning with image processing and analysis, "Klem" became involved in the orbit planning for the Solid State Imaging Team for two of Jupiter's moons, Europa and Callisto. He also participated in the development of the imaging plans for the extended phase of the mission, the Galileo Europa Mission.

 Education and public outreach has also been a large part of Klem's professional career. He has written, edited and reviewed many education products for NASA's Galileo Project and the Planetary Geology Group at ASU. These products include education exercises and modules, Galileo educator slide sets, press release images and captions, and internet materials. He speaks at educator workshops and conferences as well as being an invited speaker at universities, colleges, and for public and private organizations.

Positions held:
1996-present Senior Research Specialist, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
1997-present Education/Outreach Specialist, NASA's Galileo Project 
1996-present Solid State Imaging Team Affiliate, NASA's Galileo Mission to Jupiter, Galileo Europa Mission 
1996-present Faculty Associate, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona
1992-1996 Adjunct Faculty, Southwestern College, Phoenix, Arizona
1990-1996 Sole Proprietor, Academic Pools and Spas, Phoenix, Arizona

A.A.S. Computer Science 1992 S.U.N.Y. at Alfred
B.A. Biblical Studies 1992 Southwestern College
M.N.S.  Microbiology 1996 Arizona State University
Ph.D.  Geology Candidate Arizona State University

Membership in Professional Societies:

 Geological Society of America
American Geophysical Union
American Association for Advancement of Science
Planetary Society
National Science Teachers Association
Arizona Science Teachers Association

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